Rewards and what they entail

I told you, I’m going to get very annoying and very fast. I will do whatever it takes to make my dreams come true. I want to be published, but I don’t have the funds myself. It’s another obstacle in my way and I’ve found a way to push through it. I need your help and I have come up with some great rewards (in my opinion) that will be given in place of your contribution. If interested in supporting, please go pledge. Or at least share my project if you can’t! Thank you 😘

* $3 – Free ebook version of I’m Really Alice (Special Edition 99Lies Series)

* $4 – Free Ebook version of Poetry Book

* $5 – Free ebook version of Generation Freaks

* $10 – The Exclusive ‘Collector’

– Exclusive contet – ebook short story in Paris Medley’s POV – side character and beloved one of my Generation Freaks Book!

– sent the first chapter of the next book in the series (Shadow Realms Series or 99Lies – you choose) Input welcomed!

– 2 ebook choices

* $13 – Not All Mains Are Heroes

– For this pledge, you will be able to personally help create a side character for 3 stories of your choice (I have so many works in progresses to choose from). Side characters are vital and also a main part of the story.

– You will be able to read whichever story you story for this throughout the process, and in doing so, you can even add your own inputs. i.e, scenery, characters, you make a part in the story

* $15 – Play a Chance

– While only 1 person will win the big prize, everyone who makes this pledge will, in return for entering this raffle, receive 1 free ebook of their choice as a consolation priZe. The package will include:

– Bookmark emblazoned with the series/book, keychain, book/series merchandise

– Free ebook copies of each book of the series as they come out (pre-leases are included which will also include an excerpt in it – most likely either a cut out chapter view or a different character’s POV)

* $25 – Quality over Quantity (only 5 available)

– for this pledge you get some nifty prizes!

• printed Copy of Generation Freaks

• Ebook of Never Look Back (Poetry Book)

• An arc copy of my next work in progress!

– PLUS, an amazing prize to add onto it! Indie Author Emma Lowe has offered her book, Newborn as a free ebook! Newborn is Book #1 in the Helena Series and I’m so excited to be able to help her as well! She’s such an amazing author and friend!

* $30 – Personal Assistant (only 7 available)

– Throughout the span of 4weeks, I will personally help moderate/admin your Facebook page/group, promote your book, organize takeovers/giveaways (if you’d like), and schedule posts for up to a month to help boost your activity plus other housekeeping duties.

– You will need to allow me access to either said group/page.

* $35 Reward for Writers

– For this pledge, I will personally promote and advertise your page(s) and all that I’ve got for solid 2 weeks. Across my business, my author page, and all social media. Have you recently published something new? Given you provide the ebook, I will personally review your book in 2 ways – YT channel AND my blog. Every person who chooses this pledge will be entered to have their name drawn to win to have the first 2k words of their work professionally by Emma Lowe herself!

* $40 – Limits Have Quality Too❌

(There was only a 1 limit person on this reward and it has already been claimed 😍 you know who you are 😉 😘 )

* $75 – #1 Fan – Generation Freaks (only 1 available)

– You will receive the VERY first printed copy of Generation Freaks, personally signed by me. It’ll include a one of a kind book mark and a special note to you printed in the back of the book – forever seen for everyone in contribution to having helped me.

Pledge now, Pay later! You ONLY have to pay IF (WHEN) I make my goal!!! Please keep in mind that the pricing is USA but this is international, so keep that in mind when pledging to figure out differences!!!



I thought it all a figment of my imagination.

I could never capture the shadow darting in and out of my peripheral vision.

I thought it all just in my mind.

The movements were far to much to keep up with, far to fast in time.

I thought it all a figment of my imagination.

I thought it all a dazed creation.

Should’ve known better.

Should’ve realized sooner.

I thought it all a figment of my imagination.

But even I can’t come up with that kind of creation.

For the Boo-Boogeyman in my dreams

Are hau-haunting me.

When I close my eyes,

When I look the other way.

I see him everywhere I go

He’s putting on quite a show

For the Boo-Boogeyman in my dreams

Are hau-haunting me

I thought it all a figment of my imagination

But even I’m not that skilled

To come up with that Creation.

[Written: 2016]

Funding Project – LIVE

Welcome to the beginning of something exciting! I cannot express my gratitude for your support and I cannot hold in my excitement! If all goes well (and I know it will!) things will be changed in the matter of months! And you will be the beginning reasons and for that, I cannot thank you enough!

I have 60 days to get this all together. 60 days I will be annoying. 60 days I will push for it to happen. For 60 days, I will give up hours of sleep, weeks of free time, and my nerves will be shot. And for what? My dreams to explode into complete and utter reality!

Here goes!

I have finally put the finishing touches on this project and launched it live! I had a set back about a day for technical difficulties but we are back in action!

This project is called a crowdfunding project. It is to help me gather the funds necessary to complete what is talked about. In this case: my publishing. The costs are for the following:

  • Covers bundles. Each cover bundle will cost $100 each bundle. I need 3 bundles.
  • My editor costs. My novel will cost $400 to edit. My novella is about $300 (I’m estimating on this given the number for my novel). I don’t want my books full of nasty typos, misspelt words, and that icky stuff that turns readers off.
  • Marketing is between $300-500, give or take. I want these to take off. While I have self-marketing tools and know how to get the word out there, I don’t have the necessary available funds to push it as far as I am able to to get them all seen. To get them available to a blind audience (figuratively speaking) that has no knowledge of my stories.
  • The site I am doing the crowdfunding on also has its fees. I added in a little more then what I need in order to cover those fees, to ensure I don’t lose funds for what I need them for when the fees are taken out at the end.
  • There is also a teeny bit extra to cover reward costs. Some rewards consist of money taken from my pocket. There are a couple rewards available that help you get a printed version of my book(s), some merchandise that goes with a series/book, or a printed SIGNED copy. [I will explain these rewards soon.]

This is an exciting journey to take and I want to let you know, if you decide to help, it doesn’t have to cost you more then $3. Each reward presented costs a different price depending on what their own offer is.


Here’s the thing. If you pledge during the project, you don’t have to pay right away. The ONLY way you’d pay, is IF I complete this project. If all funds are gathered by the due date, THEN you pay. And I don’t make my goal? You don’t pay a dime! So only if (WHEN) my project hits deadline and goals are ALL met is when you pay!


You can pay by either card or PayPal!

Here are the rewards listed: (they are with USA pricing, so if you are out of the USA, you will need to figure out the currency difference because it will charge you depending on what currency you are. For example: when my friend did her project and she’s in Australia, I was charged Australia pricing but with USA it is cheaper here. Like $4 Australia was only $2.07 for me.)

  • $3 – Free ebook version of I’m Really Alice (Special Edition 99Lies Series)
  • $4 – Free Ebook version of Poetry Book
  • $5 – Free ebook version of Generation Freaks
  • $10 – The Exclusive ‘Collector’
  • $13 – Not All Mains Are Heroes
  • $15 – Play a Chance
  • $25 – Quality over Quantity
  • $30 – Personal Assistant
  • $35 Reward for Writers
  • $40 – Limits Have Quality Too
  • $75 – #1 Fan – Generation Freaks

I have left them a mystery. If you’d like to know what each rewards entails, click the link. I will be providing the details in another email quite soon.

I apologize for these next two months in advance. I am about to get very annoying but let me tell you, I will do whatever it takes to make my dreams come true.

Xoxo 💋 


Generation Freaks Book – Book #1 Shadow Realms Series

1 day late in posting. I have a schedule I try so hard to keep up with. It isn’t always easy. I mess up, I get behind. I have a full page of a To-Do List. Monthly, Weekly, and Daily mixed together. Maybe I’ll show soon, but for now, today we are talking about something different than my schedules. I guess 1 day off isn’t bad though. Some other stuff I need to do are about 4 days late, maybe more. I’m getting caught up slowly though.

Let’s get back on topic though.


Generation Freaks
Book #1 The Shadow Realms Series

Note: Wattpad cover is not made professionally.

In the year of 3022, Earth is left with three continents: Kalandron, Chiseor, Hylsah. There are seven members to the council who watch over the Continents and their cities. They are not people to mess with.

It’s been almost a century since the first of The Generals have been locked up and stripped of their powers, forcing them to act as normal human beings. But when the most important part of a person is taken away, their will to survive hangs on threads.

There’s one important rule; Generation Freaks are not allowed to kill anyone, no matter the circumstances. But sometimes, just sometimes, rules are meant to be broken, and fifteen-year-old Paisley Hart is soon to find out exactly what it means to be a Freak.

I was 14 when I started writing Generation Freaks. Back then it was called, Blood Bath. It was about a hybrid Vampire-human girl on the search for her identity. I guess that part has truly stayed. I was young and naive so the thought of a hybrid vampire intrigued me. I guess it didn’t really help that all the hype was still around Twilight Saga. It didn’t last long though. Life kind of got in the way, I didn’t exactly have an easy time in school. I was different, I acted differently because my parents always told me to be myself; to be who I was/am. So I did just that. Apparently, in high school, that’s not right. Oh wait, that’s society for you. Be or act different and you pay greatly for it. High school was a miserable time for me and those who say “I wish I could go back to high school”, I don’t. I never wish that. I want to go back to a simpler time, yes, but never that place.

My story was never finished. I didn’t pick up again I was until I was at least 17 and pregnant with my son. I had a lot of free time then, being out of school and all. I had dropped out about the end of my Junior year. I was so gone I wanted to either commit suicide if I had to go back another day or just leave. I chose to leave, I knew my life was far more important than ending it. Shocker though, right? You probably would’ve never even guessed I had ever been in that position. I try not to think about it these days, I don’t ever want to go back down that road. I don’t really open up about that darkness of my mind though. Entering that territory is like entering the deepest parts of the woods where the path veers off and you lose sight of the entrance. You hobble for hours trying to find your way out.

When I restarted, it was the same basis. With the hybrid and all, but this time I changed it to the name: Alive. I don’t know why I picked that. I guess because I was feeling alive. I felt strong, I felt good about things. Maybe it was just because I was pregnant and out of a situation that put me in the most vulnerable stage of my life. But after about the 15th chapter I lost interest, got bored of it. It needed editing, serious editing. I should’ve known better than to stop the writing process to edit. But I did anyways and screwed myself over. I found so many flaws, I didn’t like the story anymore, it was just crap in my opinion.

It’s like they say; “A Writer’s Worst critic is themselves.”

So, I tossed it. I rewrote it, the same name. Played that same game over. Rewrote it. I changed the tense of voice. Instead of 3rd person, I switched to 1st person. It worked for a little while, but I hadn’t yet learned my lesson. I did it all over again. This time, I stopped for a little while. I was always on and off writing, but this is around the time I had bad depression and let it control me. I didn’t think I was good enough at that point. It seemed pointless to try anymore. To keep going. I had posted on Wattpad, but with changing my story so much, I wasn’t getting the foot in the door I had needed. I wasn’t building a solid fan base due to changing so much. I was young and didn’t realize that it was because of changing my stories so much was the reasoning behind why I wasn’t doing well. I didn’t know any better then, I wish I had. And I was so discouraged I never took the time to just stop and think it all over.

It wasn’t until a little over a year ago I took it back in my hands to get back to writing. I wanted to so badly. Writing is who I am (besides a mom). I breathe, live, eat, dream, writing. Without it, I’m not sure who I am. I lived without it in the first couple of years after my son’s birth. Most of the time without writing I lived in a black hole, I hardly remember those couple of years. Which in retrospect actually sucks. I want to remember, I know bits and pieces due to the pictures I took. But that’s really it. I have no solid memory of much else.

For a little over a year now I have taken charge of my mental illness. I am not cured, I cannot just “pop a pill” and be better within minutes. That is not how it works. I fight on a daily basis to not fall prey to the demons in my mind. It is not easy, it will never be easy, but I refuse to let them take charge of my life again. Writing helps. It keeps them at bay, keeps them in line. I wish I had kept writing when I was in the darkest place in my mind, but I didn’t. I know a lot better now.

I’m supposed to be editing by now. May 8, 2019 I finished my novel, my first ever true novel. I have never felt so proud of myself then I am with the completion of Generation Freaks. The 6th edition of this story, 8 years to write. And instead, I have sat and avoided doing the simple task of combing through to find typos and work out missing plot holes. So that way, when I am ready to send off to my editor, it can be done easily and without fear. Instead, I sit and find any other reason not to do just that. I have figured out ways to work my businesses and still have free time with my son and free time when he’s not around (with his grandparents or when he just wants nothing to do with me whatsoever). I have figured it all out and during those sweet sweet free times, I will do whatever else to not edit. It’s a daunting task and just thinking of it sets my anxiety on high. It’s not like I mean for it to happen. I think I’m just scared of doing it honestly. I don’t want to start the editing process and chicken out and give my story up. I’ve already proven that it’s happened before, when I start that grueling task and toss what I’ve got done.

It’s an entire story. A novel. And I am honestly terrified that I will throw it away if I edit. I don’t want that to happen, but I always criticize myself. I’m my own worst enemy I guess.

Generation Freaks is the novel I will be publishing with my project funds. It depicts the life of an outcast, trying to find herself. LEarning who she is, while fighting the “monsters” around her. She’s no hero, but her own. I was always an outcast, I never fit. It’s okay to be different, I wish I had known that when I was in school. I tried to fit in but always ended up on the wrong side of everyone else. I wish I had known to allow myself to be different and to ignore those who sought after me to show me it wasn’t okay. If I had only known it was okay, maybe things would have been different. Maybe I wouldn’t have lost sight of myself of my desires for life. If I had known then what I know now, maybe things would’ve been different for me.

Being different is okay.

Let’s make it okay.

In today’s society you are shown you have to be skinny to fit in. Have your hair a certain way to fit in. Like certain things or people or whatever it is to fit in. In school, it’s vital to be part of sports or you’re ignored by the teachers and ridiculed by the kids. If you aren’t scholarly smart or into sports, you have no reason to be looked at, being there isn’t doing anything for the school or the teacher’s salaries. This day and age, society says you have to be the same to be seen. I don’t see it that way, not anymore. Not these days. It’s okay to be different, to be who you are. You shouldn’t have to look over your shoulder every five minutes in the case someone will come after you because you say or do something abnormal to them.

  • I am a Writer. I have never seen the world as everyone else did. I wasn’t a sports girl. I lived in my little world, was my own person. I wish I had known before that it was okay to be who I was, who I am.


Being different is okay. And that’s what I really want to promote with Generation Freaks. You are who you are for a reason and you should never let anyone, even a community stamp out the person you truly are.

The Perkins Project

If you’re a writer, have you ever gone through the process of being published? Are you even there yet? Have you set that dream aside because you say “it’s unreachable”? Well, let me tell you a secret: I did too for the longest time.

For the longest time, I always thought that I couldn’t find a way to be published. To make the dream come true. I don’t come from money. I never grew with an abundance of money. We struggled, but we always made it. I struggle now, but I always figure ways to make it. I have to cut back on certain things, I give up on certain things. But I always make it work so bills are paid, first and foremost, and there is always food in my home. Call me proud, but I always make sure we don’t have to ask for help. I already had to do that, for a long time we had to ask for help. It took years to get on our own feet. I felt like a burden like I was worthless, useless because I couldn’t do it on my own. I felt like if I couldn’t provide for my family, I was a nobody. It set my depression in a bad spot. Its why I work hard to make sure I don’t ever have to ask for help again. Even if we do struggle time in and time out, we don’t struggle badly to the point of asking for help any longer.

But I get off topic once again, I guess that’s my thing. When I actually speak with my voice, I tend to veer away from what I am meant to be speaking about.

So, have you answered my question? What has stopped you from becoming published? I stopped for financial reasons, as I’ve pointed out. I always thought what was the point? If I couldn’t pay for the expenses for my dream to come true, it wasn’t worth it.

Dreams are always worth it.

Just because there’s an obstacle in your way, forever whatever it is you want in life, doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to get there. There is always a way, you just have to kick that boulder away and get moving back down the path that will help you in your destination to become what it is you want. In my case: An Author.
My entire life, the only person who actually believed in me was my mother. Then again, moms are supposed to right? They’re supposed to encourage your dreams and say you can be whatever you want, no matter how far fetched it is, even if its to be the first hot dog eating astronaut on Pluto. But, if it wasn’t for my mom, I wouldn’t have kept pursuing my dream. I wouldn’t have kept writing, even though I know deep in my heart its what I am meant to do.

My mother encouraged me, she kept making sure that I could do this if I truly wanted to. While her support was mandatory, I now realize at the age of 23 that she was also doing it as my number one supporter, and not as a mother. Because of her, I continued to write. Because of her, I advanced in my abilities and exceeded in areas I never knew possible. As a kid, my mom let me stay inside and read when the other kids were outside playing on the nice and hot days. When I was 14, she didn’t fight me much when I chose to stay home instead of being a teenager and going out at all hours.
When I was 17, I had my son. I’ve mentioned before how I let people get to me and let them convince me that I couldn’t write until my son turned 18. I was truly convinced of this and had given up writing, which in return flared up my depression. I am a Writer, I need to write to function, as silly as that sounds. Without writing, I literally live in a black hole that causes me to forget whatever existence takes place inside of it.

This past year, I have been back into writing, which has helped so much with my depression and anxiety (yes, I do talk about my mental illnesses a lot and I will always talk about them a lot – they are the main part of my life and I want people to know that it is okay to talk about them, they are not a bad thing to live with!).

I stated before that I have completed my first ever novel, of that I am so proud. I have never been prouder of myself, even with having a kid. I love my son to death, but he’s a miniature me in so many aspects. But that’s not my point – my point is my novel; Generation Freaks. However, it isn’t the only book I am publishing. I am publishing 3!

You heard me right, I said 3 books! Generation Freaks, Never Look Back, and I’m Really Alice.

Generation Freaks is a Fantasy novel, sub-genre science fiction set in a dystopian world of the future. Paisley Hart, the main character, is an outcast with special abilities. She’s off on an adventure to find herself and realize that being who she is, isn’t bad at all. It might just be the best thing ever.

  • I was an outcast in school, I never truly fit in and I always knew that. I did things to try and fit in. When it didn’t work, I acted out in areas I shouldn’t have. I didn’t understand why I was different and why people shunned me for being who I was. I didn’t learn until after I had left school that being different is okay. Generation Freaks is my story to show that, to have a story that shows that being different is a good thing and no one should feel left out for who they are. And those who shun, always end in demise, they are the enemy and will learn later in life (and in the series) that they lost out on some great people.

– Never Look Back is a poetry book. All my poetry. I am a freelance poet, I don’t follow set poetry rules. It is just a book full of 56 poems. I have so much more, but these were enough. (I will be adding more to another book for later on publishing down the road.) I find it soothing to spill my emotions into poetry. I am not so good voicing my emotions or typing it up, especially without going off topic. I am much better with wringing together rhymes and verses that hit you in the gut. And I want to share it with the world.

I’m Really Alice is a novella, much shorter then Generation Freaks. This one took me a lot of thinking over to decide on publishing. I wasn’t sure if it was worth it or not, but it is part of the series I have added it to and a must in it. So I decided, it was definitely worth it to get it published. I’m Really Alice takes voice in 6 different girls views. While that, I know, is unorthodox, each chapter shows them in a different lifestyle, struggling with what life has thrown at them. Whether its drug abuse, living on the streets, substance abuse, or even fighting the demons in their own heads, each one fights a self battle they have to conquer. The ending of the story does not shine that they get better, in fact, it’s left on a cliff hanger. I’m Really Alice is a Special Edition #1, just showcasing these girls lives. Their major stories are each shown in a book of their own throughout the series.

  • Generation Freaks is Book #1 of The Shadow Realms Series
  • I’m Really Alice is Special Edition #1 of 99Lies Series

I am really excited to get these published and I am working on a crowdfunding project, getting it set up right now. It’s taking some time to get it all figured out, but the more time I take on it to make it well done is best for it. I want to succeed in this and I will, I just know I will. Being an Author is my biggest dream and I have figured out a way to be able to overcome the financial obstacle that has stood in my way. And I will keep working to move obstacles out of my way.

Dream Chasing

Anyone who follows me knows I am a Writer. Anyone who knows me knows this is my number one dream to accomplish. Anyone who TRULY knows me knows that I have not stopped in my writing dreams. Yes, I’ve had slips where I’ve paused in writing or I have had months on end where I reevaluate everything about my dreams. But I have always come back to it. For the longest time after I had my son, I was told I wasn’t allowed to be a writer due to being a mom. I was supposed to work and take care of him and the only person I was allowed to be was a mom.
That’s not how the world works though, it isn’t what life is meant to be like. You aren’t supposed to give up your self-identity just because you have a kid. I took a lot of history in highschool (who didn’t?) and realized that the women who stayed home and raised kids were desperate women. They were women who were lonely and unable to do anything until we started making lives for ourselves, voices for ourselves. Once we started speaking out, life for women began to change. So, just because we have a kid, why does it mean we have to revert back to what it used to be? Silent, working, raising a kid, and that’s it. Life isn’t meant to be that way and honestly, if you think a woman is only good enough to raise a child, just don’t even bother coming around me.
It took me a really long time to come to terms with who I am. I am not just a mom, despite what society seems to think. I am not just somebody who popped out a kid and has nothing going for her because she stays home. In this day and age, society puts labels on everyone and everything. It doesn’t matter what you do in life or how you look, there is always some kind of label to put us down and remind us we are never going to be picture perfect. Which absolutely sucks honestly.
I was 17 when I had my son. Instant dislike by many for being a teen mom. In reality, I look like I am 15, possibly 17, on a good day if I am lucky. My son is now 5 and I still look like that young teenager who popped him out. I still get looks when I go to the grocery store. At the summer fair last year, I was even called his sister. While for many of you this would be a blessing, it is absolutely annoying. I get questioned when I go into a store alone, I get told off for reprimanding my own son in public. And the worst yet? My mother-in-law gets acted like she’s my son’s mother. We went to a restaurant a few weeks ago and they treated her like she was his mother, though I was sitting in between her and my son, asking things for my son, and tending to him because he’s my son. I do not like being treated like I am his sister and for this, I think looking young right now is a curse. While you might worship the idea of looking younger, step into my shoes one day, and be criticized for everything you do simply because of how you look. It is not a blessing, it is an absolute nightmare. I hate going into public for that very reasoning.
But I digress, this was not meant to be a rant about looks or being called my son’s sister. This is about chasing your dreams and making them happen.
My biggest dream is so simple to pinpoint as I have said it so many times in this already, as well as several times a day for those who follow me elsewhere. Anyone who follows me know I want to be an author. I breathe, live, dream, eat, and talk W R I T I N G. I am a Writer. I am an Author. I have been writing since I was age 4 – my mother even told me I taught myself how to write and have been writing stories ever since then. It is who I am, in my blood. I went a while without writing and lost touch of who I was without it. For a near year, I didn’t touch any basis of writing and I barely remember that year at all. I can’t exactly pinpoint if the entire reasoning was because I didn’t write but I do know it played a huge factor in it. When I write, everything feels better. I feel better as a person. I have depression and anxiety and no, I don’t self diagnose. I have been professionally diagnosed multiple times in my life, the most recent was April 2018. My depression and anxiety make it hard to do things in life, especially when I have my really bad days. Writing helps keep it in check, it’s like an antidepressant of itself in a way. While it does not cure my depression or anxiety, it helps a lot to keep better control of it.
On May 8, 2019 – I finished writing my first ever novel. I have a novella written and completed, but this is an actual novel.

206 pages, 41 chapters, and a total of 80,524 words. This is only the rough draft of course, but having it completed fulfills this empty space inside me. I can’t explain it. When I wrote that last sentence, I just felt this buzz of excitement that had me nearly flying through the house. I always handwrite before typing up, so the typed up version is an edited version, but still not the edited version.
This story has taken me since 2011 to write and 6 different editions to write. There were times I actually wanted to give up on it, times where it just didn’t seem possible to finish. I have worked so hard on this novel and been back and forth with it. It had driven me practically insane, desperate to finish it. I don’t know what got into me these past couple months, but I couldn’t stop writing and I am so glad I didn’t. I have never felt this amount of accomplishment ever, not even when in school and finishing essays or anything.
I have also found an editor, to do some of it. After that, I will need to figure out the rest. I have found an amazing book cover artist, but things like that cost money. Money I don’t have to just pool out. Why must all the good things end up in dollar signs?
Life isn’t easy, chasing your dreams isn’t easy. In this type of world these days, it’s near impossible to chase dreams unless you have an abundance of money to spare and no worries on hand for that. But as I said, it’s near impossible, but it isn’t entirely impossible. I am living proof of it not being nearly impossible.
Being an artist of any kind is about the worst dream someone could have. It’s made even more difficult when it’s the hardest dream to acquire. But I have my calling and that’s writing (though putting my own emotions into something like this isn’t exactly easy, then again it is completely different than writing in the fiction world). These days, anyone can write a book and that’s what makes it even more of a difficult dream to acquire. I have been told by even authors themselves that I do, in fact, have talent for writing. But when I see these crude books on Amazon being published and bought, it makes me consider my dream. Writing is what I am meant to do, but it isn’t for everyone and sometimes, I wish others would see this. Just because you string a sentence together with a bunch of words and make a story doesn’t make you a Writer automatically. It takes work, dedication, and true talent to be one. I don’t say this to be mean, but there are those stories out there that have words misspelt every other word, fractured sentences, plot holes missing giant bits of the story, and the worst (and my biggest pet peeve of all) it just doesn’t make sense. I get that english isn’t everyone’s first language, but if you can’t even take the time or energy to get the book edited before publishing, how can you call yourself an author? In my opinion, though it probably doesn’t even matter as I am just a small town girl, if you think writing a book and publishing instantly is going to get you anywhere, think again.
And stop making it harder for the actual artists in the world.
Again, I keep slipping from what I had started to talk about.
Life as an Author, becoming an author, is expensive in areas. For me, anyways. You might just wave off the costs, not care much as it wouldn’t mean a lot to you. But for me, it isn’t easy just to give up things to pay for it. Bills are tight as is, we play around with them every week to pay what we can. While we aren’t tip top shape, we are doing okay. And with that, I have figured out that I am going to run my businesses for me. This means, while I will be saving up for vacation next year, and dishing out some now and then for my son, I will also be setting aside money to pay for editing and my covers and most likely, advertisement once it’s all published said and done.
Yes, I have rounded this post out to show my businesses. But honestly, this is how my life is. I work from home to provide for my family, of which we have finally become stable enough for me to veer off a bit. These businesses, plus my writing, enable me to stay home and care for my son. I don’t have to miss a single day of his life, I get to see every milestone he makes as his mother. I missed too much when he was a baby as was and I don’t ever want to again. I am working so hard to ensure I don’t miss anything every again.
Here is what I do from home:
  • Writing – Author
  • Country Scents Candles:

💯 soy and handmade candles + home decor

  • Country Suds:

💯all natural bath and body works – cruelty free + cleaning supplies

  • Younique:

Makeup 💄

  • ColorStreetNails:

💅🏻 Nails

  • Origami Owl:

💍 Jewelry

Follow me to learn more of my businesses:

Twitter – @MamaKrisLov3

Insta: @MamakrisLov3


I will also be setting up business blogs soon.

Carved Deep

Villanelle Poem.

• Nineteen poem

• 5 tercets followed by a quatrain

• The first and third lines of the opening tercet are repeated alternately in the last lines of the succeeding stanzas

• in the final stanza, the refrain serves as the poem’s two concluding lines

• Capitals for refrains – lowercase for rhymes



Do you think I want to be like this?

I feel so empty inside

carved deep like an abyss


Silence cut off my cries and pleas

Hollow, the echoes cried

Do you think I want to be like this?


Sadness fills my very being

But behind a smile I hide

Carved deep like an abyss


I claw at the walls and scream with all I’ve got

Frustrated, I want to be heard and I’ve tried

Do you think I want to be like this?


I pretend everything is alright

to the world I’ve lied

Carved deep like an abyss


laughter is heard from me, smiles are seen

I pretend to be numb, the truth just keep being denied

Do you think I want to be like this?

Carved deep like an abyss