Generation Freaks

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The Mayan calendar had predicted the end of the world in 2012, they hadn’t been entirely wrong. The end of the world was to come, but they’d been a century off. For a hundred years, the world showed signs of the predicted end, and with that, the humans became fearful. So they began their search for a new world.
In the year of 3022, that new world is Kalandron, a near exact copy of Earth, orbiting the same number of ringed orbit on the second copy of the universe, light years away from the first. Except it rotates in the complete opposite direction then Earth had once done and has a higher oxygen count and denser gravity.

When Kalandron was first made, The Generals were the ones who rose to power, the Super Humans as they were called, the ones scientists had injected in a desperate attempt to save the human race from dying at the death of Earth and Humanity itself.

It’s been almost a century since the first of The Generals have been locked up and stripped of their powers, forcing them to act as normal human beings. But when the most important part of a person is taken away, their will to survive hangs on threads. The Generals were pushed back, weakened in forces, and forced to survive by mating with each other, threading multiple powers together before being captured.

Now, the descendants of the Generals, the ones who had kept the world at bay, the ones who had forced a reign of terror, are either in hiding or locked up in one of the many prisons spaced around the two massive continents of Kalandron. The children belonging to the Generals of this new generation are spread out, shipped to anywhere that won’t connect them with their true homes, the fear of being executed for who they are has kept the families from being together.

In the cities are where the majority of the Generals hide, but that name has long been forgotten upon their lips. It’s the children of this new generation that still pay for the crimes their ancestors had committed against the humans, who call themselves Generation Freaks. After all, it is what the Mortals refer to them as.

There’s one important rule; Generation Freaks are not allowed to kill anyone, no matter the circumstances. But sometimes, just sometimes, rules are meant to be broken, and fifteen-year-old Paisley Hart is soon to find out exactly what it means to be a Freak.