Desire – Prompt

Daily Post Prompt – Desire

I love how his face lights up
When I enter a room
or his little nose wrinkles
when he gets in one of his moods

I love how he calls to me
how he took my heart away
the moment I first heard his beat
and how he calls me “Mommy”

Its me who’s there when he wakes
It’s me who’s there when he goes to sleep
I’m the one he looks for
The one who has always been there for him

My heartbreaks
when he’s sad
or even just a little upset

He’s my one and only desire
the reason to do good in this world
He’s the reason I wake in the morning
He’s the reason I smile

My little bundle of joy,
though not that little anymore
is the only reason
I have desire to keep moving forward

He keeps the smile on my face
when no one else can
and it breaks my heart
that I can’t give him the world

I try so hard
Harder then anyone else
seems to even realize
and it’s all for him

He’s my desire
the reason I push forward
He’s the reason
I move on forward


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